Saturday, May 6, 2017

{117} Extended Hiatus

My attentions are going to be focused elsewhere than genealogy for awhile. Well, at least offline - I will continue to expand my database of Edward I descendants. The posts will remain up, and I'm happy to answer any questions which arise from them.

Though I won't be posting the results of my own research (which will give me more time to focus on it), I will happily collaborate with anyone who wishes to share a line of descent from Edward I which they've researched. Look through the blog archives, and if you are interested in exploring lines of descent in the style of this blog, please contact me.

I've received some interest in sharing the royal descents of notable people. I'm happy to post a line to a notable person so long as the person is deceased. If the individual is living, such as a celebrity, I think the best vehicle to highlight that in the media is television's Who Do You Think You Are, in its various incarnations. It's an excellent series, and if I have time, I'll continue to post about the episodes which feature royal descent.

I'm approaching my project in a different way - I'm starting from the past and working down. This has led me to living individuals, some even notable with Wikipedia entries. It is easy to make the ethical error that the person's ancestry is also part of the public forum, and I'm afraid I've been guilty of that. Though I haven't received any request to do so, I've deleted a blogpost which fell into this category, and am happy to delete (or edit down to an agreed generation) any others which remain in the archive.

For those who have contacted me delighted to find their ancestors among the posts, thank you very much. Now, back to the database.

Cheers,                    ------Brad