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{87} Ruvigny Addition: Mortimer/Percy Descent for Sir Lawrence Vaughan Palk, 3rd Bt (1793-1860)

Sir Lawrence Palk, 2nd Baronet (1766-1813), with his wife
Lady Dorothy (née Vaughan) and their three eldest children
Continuing with the ancestry of Hon. Annette Maria (née Palk) Baird, mother of Muriel Jane (née Baird) Noel, we have her paternal grandfather Sir Lawrence Vaughan Palk, 3rd Baronet of Haldon House. A politician like his father and both grandfathers before him, Sir Lawrence's middle name was in honour of his mother's family, the Vaughans of Trawsgoed estate, the most important family in Cardiganshire, elevated to the Irish peerage as Viscounts Lisburne in 1695, nearly one hundred years before Sir Lawrence's birth. Seventeen years before he was born, Sir Lawrence's maternal grandfather had been created Earl of Lisburne. He died in January 1800, at the dawn of the 19th-century, when Lawrence was only six years old, leaving a crisis that no doubt had an influence on Lawrence's mother Lady Dorothy Palk. Her half-brother Wilmot Vaughan, the product of her father's tragic first marriage, had been legally declared insane. He inherited the earldom in name only, with Lady Dorothy's brother of the full-blood, the politician John Vaughan, M.P., serving as the de facto head of the family for the next twenty years, until their half-brother died in 1820, and John was able to inherit the earldom and the family's seat in the Irish House of Lords.

Lady DOROTHY ELIZABETH VAUGHAN, b. 13 May 1764 Mamhead House, Devon, bap. 6 Jan. 1765 St Thomas Church, Mamhead; d. 15 Feb. 1849 Mayfair, London, bur. 23 Feb. 1849 St Andrew Church, Enfield, Middlesex, est dau. of Wilmot Vaughan, 1st Earl of Lisburne (1728-1800, descended from Edward III - see Generation 16 below) and his 2nd wife Dorothy Shafto (1734-1805, descended from Edward III); m. 15 May 1792 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, as his 2nd wife, Sir LAWRENCE PALK, 2nd Baronet of Haldon House, bap. 6 Mar. 1766 Fort St George, Madras, India; d. 20 June 1813 Mayfair, London, bur. 3 July 1813 St George Church, Shillingford, Devon, son of Sir Robert Palk, 1st Baronet of Haldon House (1717-1798) and Anne Vansittart (1738-1788, descended from Henry IV), and had issue, six sons and two daughters.

Issue of Lady Dorothy Elizabeth (Vaughan) and Sir Lawrence Palk, 2nd Bt:
Palk of Haldon Coat of Arms
[Sable, an eagle, displayed, argent,
beaked and membered or, within a
bordure, engrailed, of the second

1) Sir LAWRENCE VAUGHAN PALK, 3rd Baronet of Haldon House, b. 25 Apr. 1793 Westminster, London, bap. 30 May 1793 St George Hanover Square; d. 16 May 1860 Haldon House, bur. 23 May 1860 St Michael & All Angels Church, Dunchideock, Devon; m. 1st 9 Dec. 1815 St Peter Church, Tawstock, Devon, as her 2nd husband, his first cousin, ANNA ELEANORA (WREY) HARTOPP, b. 12 Jan. 1787 Tawstock Court, bap. 18 Jan. 1787 St Peter Church, Tawstock; d. 25 Jan. 1846 Dieppe, Normandy, France, widow of Edward Hartopp of Little Dalby Hall (1783-1813, descended from Henry IV), and only dau. of Sir Bourchier Wrey, 7th Baronet of Trebeigh (1757-1826, descended from Edward III) and his 1st wife Anne Palk (1764-1791, descended from Henry IV), and had issue, three sons and two daughters; m. 2nd c.1848 France [per HOP], PHILIPPINE ANNE VICTOIRE ---, d.s.p. 12 Feb. 1855 Versailles, France.

2) ROBERT JOHN PALK of Belgrave Square, London, barrister-at-law, b. 15 May 1794 Westminster, bap. 20 June 1794 St George Hanover Square; d. 20 Mar. 1870 The Mount, Torquay, Devon, bur. 26 Mar. 1870 Torquay Cemetery; m. 5 Aug. 1828 Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London, HARRIETTE HIBBERT, b. 30 Jan. 1804 Clapham, Surrey, bap. 28 Feb. 1804 Holy Trinity Church, Clapham; d. 1 Mar. 1841 Heath Farm Court, Watford, Hertfordshire, bur. 10 Mar. 1841 St John the Baptist Church, Aldenham, Hertfordshire, yst. dau. of George Hibbert of Munden House, merchant (1757-1837) and Elizabeth Margaret Fonnereau (1765-1841), and had issue, three sons and one daughter.

Issue of Robert John and Harriette (Hibbert) Palk:

2A) ROBERT GEORGE LAWRENCE PALK, bap. 13 July 1829 St George Hanover Square, London; d. young 18 June 1838 Belgravia, London, bur. 23 June 1838 Holy Trinity Church, Clapham.

2B) ELIZABETH MALLET PALK, b. 13 Apr. 1831 Park Square, London, bap. 15 June 1831 St Marylebone Parish Church, London; d. unm. 10 July 1878 South Kensington, London.

2C) ASHLEY PALK of the Inner Temple, London, b. 21 Jan. 1834 Park Square, London, bap. 22 Mar. 1834 Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London; d. unm. 7 Oct. 1860 Torquay, Devon, bur. 13 Oct. 1860 Torquay Cemetery.

2D) WILMOT HENRY PALK of Pimlico, London, clerk in House of Lords, b. 29 Nov. 1835 Mayfair, London, bap. 27 Jan. 1836 St George Hanover Square; d. 13 June 1876 Pimlico; m. 1867 London, ELIZABETH ALEXANDRINA GREIG MACKENZIE, b. 1846 Waterford, Co. Waterford, Ireland; d. 1 Apr. 1912 Brooke House, Upper Clapton, Hackney, Middlesex, est. dau. of John Mackenzie of Golspie Mills and Jamesina Junner (b. 1824)[*1], and had issue, three sons and four daughters.

Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour
3) ELIZABETH MALLET PALK, b. 24 May 1795; d. 18 Jan. 1827 Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex, bur. 26 Jan. 1827 St Mary Church, Hampton; m. 15 May 1818 St George Hanover Square, London, as his 1st wife, Sir HORACE BEAUCHAMP SEYMOUR of Mayfair, M.P. Lisburn 1819-26, 1847-51, M.P. Bodmin 1826-32, b. 22 Nov. 1791 London; d. 21 Nov. 1851 Brighton, Sussex, 3rd son of Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour of Hambledon (1759-1801, descended from Charles II) and Lady Anne Horatia Waldegrave (1762-1801, descended from James II), and had issue, two sons and one daughter[*2].

4) Rev. WILMOT HENRY PALK, Rector of Ashcombe, Devon 1820-85, b. 24 Oct. 1796 London, bap. 15 Dec. 1796 St George Hanover Square; d. unm. 28 July 1885 Ashcombe, bur. 3 Aug. 1885 St Nectan Church, Ashcombe.

5) MARY PALK, b. 14 May 1799 Westminster, bap. 24 June 1799 St George Hanover Square; d. 23 July 1851 Enfield Rectory, Middlesex; m. 27 Aug. 1835 St James Church, Westminster, as his 1st wife, her first cousin, ERNEST AUGUSTUS VAUGHN, 4th Earl of Lisburne, b. 30 Oct. 1800 London, bap. 6 Dec. 1800 St George Hanover Square; d. 8 Nov. 1873 Trawsgoed Mansion, Llanafan, Cardiganshire, Wales, bur. 14 Nov. 1873 St Afan Church, Llanafan, 2nd son of John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Lisburne (1769-1831, descended from Edward III) and Lucy Courtenay (1770-1821, descended from Edward III), and had issue, three sons and one daughter.

6) Maj. JOHN PALK, commander depot companies 32nd Regiment, b. 25 Apr. 1801 London, bap. 11 June 1801 St George Hanover Square; d. unm. 4 Oct. 1838 Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.

7) EDWARD PALK, Royal Navy, b. 2 June 1804 London, bap. 5 July 1804 St George Hanover Square; d. unm. 22 Jan. 1821 H.M.S. Spey, Gibraltar.
T.E. Lawrence 'of Arabia'

8) Rev. ARTHUR GEORGE PALK, b. 16 July 1806 London, bap. 18 July 1806 St George Hanover Square; d. unm. 27 Nov. 1835 Torquay, Devon, bur. 3 Dec. 1835 St Michael & All Angels Church, Dunchideock.

[*1] Elizabeth (née Mackenzie) Palk was a first cousin once removed to British diplomat Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935), known today as Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence's mother, the Scottish governess Sarah Junner, was the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Junner (b. 1828), the younger sister of Jamesina (née Junner) Mackenzie (b. 1824), mother of Elizabeth Palk. The Junner sisters were daughters of George Junner and Simonia Somervil Bissat Wilkes.

[*2] Dame Elizabeth Mallet (née Palk) Seymour, through her daughter Adelaide, Countess Spencer (1825-1877), is an ancestress of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Sir William Hooker of London and Greenwich (1612-1697)
The Vaughan family of Trawsgoed, starting as far back as the 1st Viscount Lisburne (see Generation 14 below), should have appeared in Ruvigny's 1911 Mortimer-Percy volume. The Marquis traced the line down to Lettice (née Coppinger) Hooker (see Generation 12 below), who appears with her two husbands on p. 490, with no indication of issue. It's not surprising that Ruvigny couldn't take the line any further. The Hooker family of London and The Grange on Crooms Hill in Greenwich was not one that received attention from the Victorian-era genealogists of Ruvigny's time, perhaps because the family only survived for two generations. Lettice's second husband Sir William Hooker was a wealthy London merchant and member of the Grocers' Company who served as an alderman for over two decades, and terms as Sheriff and Lord Mayor of London. I've yet to locate a pedigree for this Hooker family. Per his M.I. in St Alfege Church, Greenwich, Sir William Hooker and his first wife Lettice Coppinger had three sons and four daughters. These were: John Hooker (1641-1642); Anne Hooker (1643-1703), wife of Sir John Lethieullier of Lewisham (1633-1719); Letitia Hooker (1645-1717), wife of Edward Vaughan of Trawsgoed (c.1635-1684); William Hooker, M.P. Bossiney 1702-05 (1647-1718), who had four daughters, and at whose death the male line of Sir William Hooker was extinguished; Elizabeth Hooker (b. c.1648), wife of John Tregagle of Trevorder, M.P. Bossiney 1679 (1644-1680); Katherine Hooker (b. 1650), died unmarried; and a third son who died young.
Ruvigny's account of Dame Lettice (Coppinger) (Barnaby) Hooker on p. 490 of the 1911 Mortimer-Percy volume
Following is the 18-generation descent from Edward III thru his great-granddaughter Lady Elizabeth (Mortimer) Percy, for Sir Lawrence Vaughan Palk, 3rd Baronet.

Edward III had a 2nd surviving son
Lady Elizabeth (née Mortimer) Percy
- see Generation 3
1) Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence (1338-1368) m. 1) Lady Elizabeth de Burgh (1332-1363, descended from Edward I), and had
2) Lady Philippa Plantagenet of Clarence (1355-1377) m. Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March (1352-1381), and had
3) Lady Elizabeth Mortimer (1371-1417) m. 1) Sir Henry 'Hotspur' Percy (1364-1403), and had
4) Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland (1394-1455) m. Lady Eleanor Neville (1403-1472, descended from Edward III), and had
5) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461) m. Eleanor Poynings (1428-1484, descended from Edward I), and had
6) Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland (c.1449-1489) m. Lady Maud Herbert (c.1457-by 1487), and had
7) Lady Eleanor Percy (c.1476-1531) m. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham (1478-1521, descended from Edward III), and had
8) Lady Mary Stafford (c.1503-by 1529) m. George Neville, 5th Lord Abergavenny (1469-1535, descended from Edward III), and had
Coppinger of Allhallows Coat of Arms
9) Dorothy Neville (c.1527-1559) m. William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham (1527-1597, descended from Edward III), and had
10) Frances Brooke (1549-by 1598) m. Thomas Coppinger of Allhallows House (1546-1580), and had
11) Francis Coppinger of Allhallows House (1577-aft.1626) m. Hon. Frances Burgh (c.1588-1618, descended from Edward III), and had
12) Lettice Coppinger (1609-by 1673) m. 2) Sir William Hooker of Greenwich (1612-1697), and had
13) LETITIA HOOKER, b. The Grange, Crooms Hill, Greenwich, Kent, bap. 14 Aug. 1645 St Allege Church, Greenwich; d. by 2 May 1717 (when will was proved); m. 13 Apr. 1665 St Luke Church, Old Charlton, Kent, EDWARD VAUGHAN of Trawsgoed, Llanafan, Cardiganshire, Wales, M.P. Cardiganshire 1669, 1679-81, b. c.1635; d. 15 Feb. 1684, bur. 26 Feb. 1684 St Lawrence Church, Ludlow, Shropshire, son of Sir John Vaughan of Trawsgoed (1603-1674) and Jane Stedman (1611-1680, descended from Edward III), and had
14) JOHN VAUGHAN, 1st Viscount Lisburne, b. c.1670; d. 20 Mar. 1721, bur. 5 Apr. 1721 St Alfege Church, Greenwich; m. 18 Aug. 1692 St Giles in the Fields, London, Lady MALET WILMOT, b. Adderbury House, Oxfordshire, bap. 6 Jan. 1676 St Mary Church, Adderbury; d. 13 Jan. 1709, 3rd dau. of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-1680, descended from Edward III) and Elizabeth Malet (1651-1681, descended from Edward III), and had
Vaughan of Trawsgoed Coat of Arms
15) WILMOT VAUGHAN, 3rd Viscount Lisburne, b. c.1700; d. 4 Feb. 1766 Trawsgoed Mansion, bur. St Hilary Church, Llanilar, Cardiganshire; m. 16 Mar. 1727 St Cuthbert Church, Norham, Northumberland, ELIZABETH WATSON, bap. 18 Mar. 1705 Holy Trinity Church, Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland; d. 19 Jan. 1764 Trawsgoed Mansion, dau. of Thomas Watson of Berwick-on-Tweed (d. 1739) and Margaret Clerk (d. 1741), and had
16) WILMOT VAUGHAN, 1st Earl of Lisburne, bap. 9 Jan. 1728 Holy Trinity Church, Berwick-on-Tweed; d. 6 Jan. 1800 Mamhead House, Devon, bur. 14 Jan. 1800 St Thomas Church, Mamhead; m. 2nd 19 Apr. 1763 St Andrew Holborn, London, DOROTHY SHAFTO, bap. 2 Apr. 1734 St Andrew Holborn; d. 12 Sept. 1805 Mamhead House, bur. 20 Sept. 1805 St Thomas Church, Mamhead, est. dau. of John Shafto of Whitworth Park (1692-1742, descended from Edward III) and Dorothy Jackson (c.1709-1768), and had
17) Lady Dorothy Elizabeth Vaughan (1764-1849-see details above) m. Sir Lawrence Palk, 2nd Baronet of Haldon House (1766-1813, descended from Henry IV), and had
18) Sir Lawrence Vaughan Palk, 3rd Baronet of Haldon House (1793-1860-see details above)

The next blogpost will look at additional Edward III descents for Wilmot Vaughan, 3rd Viscount Lisburne.

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