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{97} Edward III Descents for Lt-Col. Lawrence Rawstorne (c.1775-1850)

Hutton Hall, Lancashire - torn down in 1961
The Rawstorne family established themselves in Lancashire by the late 15th-century in the parish of Edenfield, with Lumb Hall as their chief seat. That manor passed through an heiress in 1660 to the Bradshaw family seated at Bradshaw Hall, but the Rawstorne male-line survived in an offshoot of the senior branch at Lumb Hall, through the enterprising Lawrence Rawstorne of Windsor (d. aft.1557), who had returned to his home parish and purchased New Hall in 1538, and then acquired from the Crown in 1546 an extensive estate to the south of Preston, in the parish of Hutton, centred around the seat of Hutton Grange. The first member of the family to marry into the Edward I bloodline was Lawrence Rawstorne (d. bef. 1611), the grandson and namesake of the purchaser of New Hall and Hutton Grange, who took to wife Holcroft Hesketh (c.1585-1639), the daughter of Robert Hesketh of Rufford Hall. The marriage produced a daughter but was cut short by Rawstorne's untimely death (Holcroft re-married the Yorkshire antiquarian Roger Dodsworth). New Hall and Hutton Grange were eventually inherited by Lawrence Rawstorne's nephew and namesake Lawrence Rawstorne (1619-1700), whose second and third wives, Mary (née Bold) Atherton (c.1625-1665) and Margery Fleetwood (1633-1722) were both of the Edward I bloodline. Rawstorne's marriage to his third wife was meant to bring peace to the families of Rawstorne, Fleetwood and Farrington, who had been quarrelling over lands in the parish of Hutton since the reign of Elizabeth I (see VCH Lancashire 6 (1911), pp. 67-69). It was Lawrence Rawstorne who first recorded his pedigree with a herald, in September 1664, during Sir William Dugdale's visitation of Lancashire, and it is through Lawrence Rawstorne and his third wife Margery (née Fleetwood), that all of the subsequent Rawstornes of New Hall, Hutton Grange (later Hutton Hall), and Penwortham Priory, descend, including their great-great-grandson.
Rawstorne coat of arms

Lt-Col. LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of Penwortham Priory, Lancashire, 1st Lancashire Militia, b. c.1775; d. 26 Aug. 1850 Penwortham Priory, bur. 2 Sept. 1850 St Mary Church, Penwortham, son of Lawrence Rawstorne of Hutton Hall (1742-1803, descended from Henry IV - see Generation A14 below) and Elizabeth Goldsmith Atherton Gwillym (1742-1823, descended from Edward III - see Generation B14 below); m. 1st(?) 18 July 1824 St Mary Church, Eccles, Lancashire, ELIZABETH MURRAY[*1]; m. 2nd(?) 16 Nov. 1839 St Michael-in-the-Hamlet Church, Liverpool, Lancashire, as her 1st husband, MARGARET ELIZABETH LEDWARD, bap. 4 June 1817 St Nicholas Church, Liverpool; bur. 12 June 1886 St Michael Church, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, dau. of Edward Ledward of Everton, hat manufacturer (1777-1835) and Margaret Ortt (1787-1857), and had issue, one son and three daughters.

Issue of Lt-Col. Lawrence and Margaret Elizabeth (Ledward) Rawstorne:

1) ELIZABETH HENRIETTA MARIA RAWSTORNE, b. Penwortham Priory, bap. 28 June 1841 St Mary Church, Penwortham; living 1911, d. unknown[*2]; m. 1st 10 Aug. 1865 St John Church, Paddington, London, as his 2nd wife, WILLIAM HENRY SCUDAMORE WARD of Kingston Hill, Surrey, clerk, b. 20 June 1828 Cookham, Berkshire, bap. 2 Oct. 1828 All Saints Church, East Lockinge, Berkshire; d. 11 Mar. 1879 Heath Cottage, Sydenham Road, Croydon, Surrey, son of William James Ward of Maidenhead, solicitor (1794-1851) and Harriet Maria Leycester (1805-1862), and had issue, two sons; m. 2nd 24 Dec. 1884 St Luke Church, Chelsea, London, FREDERICK ARTHUR GEORGE BULLEY of Hastings, Sussex, private tutor, b. 22 Jan. 1853 Reading, Berkshire; d. 6 Dec. 1917 Kent County Lunatic Asylum, Barming Heath, Kent, son of Dr. Francis Arthur Bulley of Reading, surgeon (1808-1883) and Louisa Nash (d. 1893), and had further issue, two sons (both born before their parents' marriage).
St Mary Church, Penwortham

2) LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of Penwortham Priory, b. 6 Aug. 1842 Penwortham Priory; d. 11 Nov. 1938 Lyncote, Parkstone, Dorset; m. 10 Aug. 1871 St Paul Church, Knightsbridge, London, EDITH ELIZABETH HESKETH, b. Oct. 1851 Rufford Hall, Lancashire, bap. 9 Nov. 1851 St Mary Church, Rufford; d. 27 Dec. 1931 Lyncote, est dau. of Sir Thomas George Fermor-Hesketh, 5th Baronet of Ruffed (1825-1872, descended from Henry IV) and Lady Arabella Fermor (1828-1870, descended from Henry VII), and had issue, two sons and one daughter.

3) MARGARET RAWSTORNE, b. Penwortham Priory, bap. 10 Sept. 1845 St Mary Church, Penwortham; d. unknown; m. 20 Dec. 1866 St Marylebone Parish Church, London, WILLIAM SEATON of Hammersmith, Middlesex, civil engineer, b. c.1831 Leamington, Warwickshire; d. unknown, son of William Seaton, and had issue, one daughter[*3].

4) FANNY MARION RAWSTORNE, b. Penwortham Priory, bap. 27 Oct. 1846 St Mary Church, Penwortham; d. 11 Dec. 1928 Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, St Johns Wood, Middlesex; m. 1st 13 Dec. 1864 St Peter Church, Medmenham, Buckinghamshire, Dr. WILLIAM ANDERSON of Chatham, Kent, fleet surgeon Royal Navy, b. c.1831 Ireland; d. 15 Mar. 1882 Royal Buildings, Walmer, Kent, son of James Anderson, and had issue, two daughters; m. 2nd 29 Jan. 1884 Holy Trinity Church, Paddington, London, Capt. HENRY BENJAMIN WALMSLEY of Paddington, b. 24 Oct. 1843 Stepney, London, bap. 10 Nov. 1843 St Philip Stepney, London; d. 30 Jan. 1899 Paddington, London, son of Henry Benjamin Walmsley of The Elms, maltster (1805-1869) and Anne Vickers (b. 1812), and had further issue, one daughter (born before her parents' marriage).

[*1] Though Lt-Col. Rawstorne is assigned only one marriage in the article on the family in the Burke's Landed Gentry series, there does not appear to be any other Lawrence Rawstorne for whom the 1824 marriage to Elizabeth Murray could match. Rawstorne was the advanced age of 64 when he married 22-year-old Margaret Ledward in 1839. There certainly is a possibility that he had a previous, childless, marriage.

1911 Census of England entry for Frederick and Elizabeth (née Rawstorne) Bulley and their elder son
[*2] I haven't yet located a death date for Elizabeth Henrietta Maria (Rawstorne) (Ward) Bulley. Per the 1911 Census of England, she was living with her husband and their elder son in Hastings, Sussex, in April 1911. She gave her age as 52, which was eighteen years younger than her actual age. I've ordered the death certificate for her second husband Frederick Bulley, which will hopefully provide further clues. [Update: The death certificate of Frederick Bulley has no mention of his wife. He died in the Kent County Lunatic Asylum (today Oakwood Hospital) in Barming Heath, and its records are kept at The Centre for Kentish Studies. The records are sealed for one hundred years, and Frederick Bulley will be deceased for one hundred years in December of next year. Hopefully information within them can help to establish the date of death for his wife.]

[*3] Margaret (née Rawstorne), with her husband William Seaton, living on "Interest in Investments," and their daughter, appears in the 1871 Census of England on Hopgood Street in Hammersmith. In the 1881 Census, William Seaton "Late of 20th Regt. - Out of Employ" lives with his wife Margaret and their daughter at 54 Godolphin Road in Hammersmith. In the 1861 Census, William Seaton is an unmarried civil engineer living in Paddington, London. In the 1911 Census, their daughter is the elder of two female servants in the household of a barrister-at-law and his wife at  Mount Pleasant in Great Malvern, Worcestershire, which suggests that Margaret and William Seaton were deceased by then. Several possible matches for the couple appear in the England & Wales Death Indexes, and further research is needed. Their only child was Margaret Lilian Seaton, bap. 7 Sept. 1868 St Mary Church, Wimbledon, Surrey; d. unm. 1963 Fulham, Middlesex.
1866 Marriage entry for William Seaton and Margaret Rawstorne
Lt-Col. Lawrence Rawstorne has several lines of descent from Edward III, in addition to the one from Henry IV, and the one from Isabel (née Plantagenet), countess of Essex, given in the previous post. Below are the seven through Edward III's great-grandson Richard Neville, earl of Salisbury, plus the one through Salisbury's uncle Cardinal Beaufort.

1st Earl of Salisbury -
see Generation A3
Edward III had a 3rd surviving son
A1) John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340-1399) m. 3) Katherine Roet (c.1350-1403), and had a dau A2 and a son H2 (see below)
A2) Lady Joan Beaufort (c.1377-1440) m. 2) Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland (1364-1425), and had
A3) Richard Neville, 1st Earl of Salisbury (c.1398-1460) m. Lady Alice Montagu (1406-1462, descended from Edward I), and had two daus A4 and E4 (see below)
A4) Lady Eleanor Neville (c.1436-1471) m. Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby (c.1434-1504, descended from Edward I), and had two sons A5 and C5 (see below)
A5) Edward Stanley, 1st Baron Monteagle (c.1460-1523) m. 2) Elizabeth Vaughan (d. 1515), and had
A6) Elizabeth Stanley (c.1502-1533) m. Sir Thomas Langton of Newton Hall (1497-1569, descended from Edward I), and had
A7) Joan Langton (b. c.1520) m. John Fleetwood of Penwortham Priory (c.1515-1590), and had
Fleetwood of Penwortham coat of arms
A8) Richard Fleetwood of Penwortham Priory (c.1545-1626) m. Margery Legh (c.1560-1635), and had a son A9 and a dau B9 (see below)
A9) Edward Fleetwood, Heir of Penwortham Priory (c.1585-1615) m. Margaret Norreys (c.1590-1614, descended from Edward I), and had
A10) John Fleetwood of Penwortham Priory (1610-1657) m. Anne Farrington (c.1607-1657, descended from Edward I), and had
A11) MARGERY FLEETWOOD, b. Penwortham Priory, bap. 11 Aug. 1633 St Mary Church, Penwortham; bur. there 16 Apr. 1722; m. 21 Sept. 1668 St Mary Church, Penwortham, as his 3rd wife, LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of New Hall, Edenfield, Lancashire, High Sheriff Lancashire 1684-85, b. 1619; bur. 1 Apr. 1700 St James Church, Haslingden, Lancashire, yr son of Edward Rawstorne of New Hall (d. c.1644) and Katherine Holden, and had
A12) WILLIAM RAWSTORNE of New Hall, High Sheriff Lancashire 1713-14, bap. 5 Feb. 1675 St Mary Church, Bury, Lancashire; d. 1740; m. 21 May 1702 St Elphin Church, Warrington, Lancashire, ISABELLA ATHERTON (see C14 below), and had
A13) LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of Preston, Lancashire, Mayor of Preston 1740-41, 1750-51, 1760-61, b. c.1710; d. 1763; m. 2nd, AGNES DENT, bur. 1 Oct. 1748 St Mary Church, Penwortham, dau. of Robert Dent of Preston, and had
A14) LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of Hutton Hall, Lancashire, High Sheriff Lancashire 1776-77, b. 1742; bur. 13 Dec. 1803 St Mary Church, Penwortham; m. 10 Dec. 1767 St Elphin Church, Warrington, ELIZABETH GOLDSMITH ATHERTON GWILLYM (see B14 below), and had
A15) Lt-Col. Lawrence Rawstorne (c.1775-1850 - see details above)
Elizabeth (née Atherton) Gwillym
- see Generation B13

B9) Katherine Fleetwood (b. 1603) m. William Farrington of Worden Hall (1612-1673, descended from Edward I), and had
B10) George Farrington of Shaw Hall (1648-1704) m. Elizabeth Whitmore (b. 1647), and had
B11) William Farrington of Worden Hall (1675-1717) m. Elizabeth Rufine (1679-1747), and had
B12) Elizabeth Farrington (1702-1742) m. 1) Richard Atherton of Atherton Hall (see D15 below), and had
B13) Elizabeth Atherton (1721-1763) m. Robert Gwillym of Langstone Court (1713-1778, descended from Edward I), and had
B14) ELIZABETH GOLDSMITH ATHERTON GWILLYM, bap. 3 Sept. 1742 St Mary Church, Leigh, Lancashire; bur. 18 Nov. 1823 St Mary Church, Penwortham; m. 10 Dec. 1767 St Elphin Church, Warrington, LAWRENCE RAWSTORNE of Hutton Hall (see A14 above)

James Stanley, Bishop of Ely
- see Generation C
C5) James Stanley, Bishop of Ely (c.1465-1515) = "his housekeeper at Somersham"[ODNB], and had
C6) Margery Stanley, illegit. (b. c.1485) m. Sir John Ireland of The Hutt (c.1475-1525), and had
C7) Thomas Ireland of The Hutt (1503-1546) m. Margaret Bold (descended from Edward I), and had
C8) Margaret Ireland (b. c.1527) m. John Aston of Aston Hall (c.1520-1573, descended from Edward I), and had
C9) Sir Thomas Aston of Aston Hall (c.1547-1613) m. 1) Elizabeth Mainwaring (d. 1601, descended from Edward I), and had
C10) Margaret Aston (c.1575-1615) m. Sir Thomas Ireland of Bewsey Hall (1560-1625), and had
C11) Eleanor Ireland (c.1605-1648) m. John Atherton of Atherton Hall (c.1600-1646, descended from Edward I), and had
C12) Capt. John Atherton of Atherton Hall (1624-1656) m. Mary Bold (c.1625-1665, descended from Edward I), and had
C13) Sir Richard Atherton of Atherton Hall (1656-1687) m. 1) Isobel Holt (c.1658-by 1686), and had a dau C14 and a son D14 (see below)
Atherton coat of arms
[Image from Landed Families of Britain]
C14) ISABELLA ATHERTON, b. Bewsey Hall, Warrington, Lancashire, bap. 24 Jan. 1682 St Elphin Church, Warrington; bur. 1 Feb. 1738 St Mary Church, Penwortham; m. 21 May 1702 St Elphin Church, Warrington, WILLIAM RAWSTORNE of New Hall (see A12 above)

D14) John Atherton of Atherton Hall (1678-1708) m. Elizabeth Cholmondeley (see E13 below), and had
D15) Richard Atherton of Atherton Hall (1701-1726) m. Elizabeth Farrington (see B12 above)

E4) Lady Katherine Neville (c.1442-1504) m. twice, and had a dau E5 and a son G5 (see below)
E5) Cecily Bonville, by 1st husband (1460-1529) m. 1) Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset (c.1456-1501, descended from Edward I), and had two daus E6 and F6 (see below)
E6) Lady Dorothy Grey (c.1485-1553) m. 1) Robert, 2nd Lord Willoughby of Broke (1472-1521), and had
Lady Katherine (née Cromwell)
 - see Generation E9
E7) Elizabeth Willoughby (c.1510-by 1552) m. John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester (c.1510-1576, descended from Edward I), and had
E8) Lady Mary Paulet (c.1540-1592) m. Henry, 2nd Baron Cromwell (1538-1592, descended from Edward III), and had
E9) Katherine Cromwell (c.1565-1620) m. Sir Lionel Tollemache, 1st Baronet of Helmingham (1562-1612, descended from Edward III), and had
E10) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 2nd Baronet of Helmingham (1591-1640) m. Elizabeth Stanhope (1593-1661), and had
E11) Jane Tollemache (1629-1666) m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal Abbey (see H12 below), and had
E12) Robert Cholmondeley, Heir of Vale Royal Abbey (1651-1679) m. Elizabeth Vernon (see F11 below), and had
E13) Elizabeth Cholmondeley (1676-aft.1708) m. John Atherton of Atherton Hall (see D14 above)

F6) Lady Mary Grey (c.1492-1538) m. Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford (c.1491-1558, descended from Edward III), and had
F7) Sir Richard Devereux of Lamphey (by 1513-1547) m. Lady Dorothy Hastings (see G7 below), and had
F8) Elizabeth Devereux (c.1545-1583) m. John Vernon of Hodnet Hall (1546-1591, descended from Henry IV), and had
F9) Sir Robert Vernon of Hodnet Hall (1575-by 1642) m. Mary Needham (descended from Edward I), and had
1st Earl of Huntingdon -
see Generation G6
F10) Sir Henry Vernon, 1st Baronet of Hodnet (1606-1676) m. Elizabeth Whyte (c.1615-1675, descended from Edward I), and had
F11) Elizabeth Vernon (c.1650-1685) m. Robert Cholmondeley, Heir of Vale Royal Abbey (see E12 above)

G5) Edward, 2nd Lord Hastings, by 2nd husband (1466-1506) m. Mary, Lady Hungerford (1468-1533, descended from Edward III), and had
G6) George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon (1487-1544) m. Lady Anne Stafford (c.1483-1544, descended from Edward III), and had
G7) Lady Dorothy Hastings (c.1520-1566) m. Sir Richard Devereux of Lamphey (see F7 above)

H2) Henry Beaufort, Cardinal Bishop of Winchester (1375-1447) = unknown mistress, and had
H3) Jane Beaufort, illegit. (c.1402-1479) m. Sir Edward Stradling of St Donats Castle (c.1389-1453), and had
H4) Sir Henry Stradling of St Donats Castle (c.1423-1476) m. Elizabeth ap Thomas, and had
H5) Thomas Stradling of St Donats Castle (c.1454-1480) m. Jennet Matthew (d. 1485), and had
Lady Siân (née Stradling) Griffith
- see Generation H6
H6) Siân Stradling (b. c.1480) m. Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn (c.1480-1531, descended from Edward I), and had
H7) Grace Griffith (b. c.1500) m. William Stanley of Hooton Hall (1499-1547), and had
H8) Sir Rowland Stanley of Hooton Hall (1524-1613) m. Margaret Aldersey, and had
H9) Margaret Stanley (c.1555-1596) m. Sir John Egerton of Egerton (1551-1614, descended from Edward I), and had
H10) Frances Egerton (1575-1635) m. John Minshull of Minshull (1575-1654), and had
H11) Elizabeth Minshull (c.1600-1661) m. Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal Abbey (1595-1653, descended from Edward I), and had
H12) Thomas Cholmondeley of Vale Royal Abbey (1627-1702) m. 1) Jane Tollemache (see E11 above)

The next blogpost will look at the James V descent for Margery (née Portal), wife of Maj. Geoffrey Rawstorne, grandson of Lt-Col. Lawrence Rawstorne, and elaborate on her Henry VII descent included in Ruvigny's Tudor volume.

Cheers,                       -----Brad


  1. Hi Brad,

    I stumbled on both your website and blog by accident. I really like the way your website is laid out - so easy to use and understand the information on there. Are there any plans to transfer the information from your blog onto the website in the not too distant future?

    Simon Cundick
    Portsmouth UK

    1. Thank you, Simon, for the kind words. Yes, the plan is to take the information from my database (which is where the info in these blogposts comes from), and transfer it onto the Royal Descent website. It is still in early discussion stages, but I'm hoping it can materialize by the end of the decade.

  2. Updated to include information from the 1917 death certificate of Frederick Bulley, second husband of Elizabeth Henrietta Maria (Rawstorne) Ward. Also, to indicate that siblings William Farrington of Worden Hall (1612-1673 - see Generation B9 above) and Anne (Farrington) Fleetwood (c.1607-1657 - see Generation A10 above), are descended from Edward I. Many thanks to John Higgins for providing me their line of descent.

  3. Happy New Year to ALL

    Your work is fantastic and a real joy to read

    Our family is directly related to the Rawstorne/Rawsthorme Family of Lancashire through

    Emlin Rawsthorne b- 9 July 1671 in Ormskirk and about 1738 in Lathom near Ormskirk. She married Henry Holland b- 1669 in Lathom near Ormskirk and about 1740.

    They are our 8th Great Grand Parents

    Emlins parents were:

    Edward Rawsthorne - who married twice

    Helen Assheton & Mary Greenhalgh

    I will read all your work with great interest

    Bill Willcox - Melbourne

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Bill. According to Burke's Landed Gentry, Edward Rawstorne and his first wife Helen Assheton had "several children who all died young." With his second wife Mary Greenhalgh, Edward had "only three daughters, his co-heirs at law":
      1) Catharine Rawstorne, wife of William Lever of Kersal, Lancashire
      2) Mary Rawstorne
      3) Jane Rawstorne, wife of James Murray, "A Scotchman"

      No daughter Emlin Rawstorne, wife of Henry Holland. Are you certain you have the correct father for Emlin?

    2. Hi Brad

      I really admire your work and if you could possibly assist us in clearing this up would help us immensely

      Baptism: 9 Jul 1671 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England Emblema Rausthorne - Daughter of Edui Rausthorne Abode: Lathom Register: Baptisms 1653 - 1674, Page 98, Entry 10 Source: LDS Film 1849663

      Marriage: 8 Oct 1695 St Peter and St Paual.
      Marriage: 8 Oct 1695 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England Henry Holland - Of ye Parish Emlin Rawsthorne - Of ye Parish Married by Banns Register: Marriages 1679 - 1698/9, Page 7, Entry 24 Source: LDS Film 1849663

    3. Baptism: 19 Aug 1660 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancs.
      Edward Raustorne - Son of Edward Raustorne
      Born: 16 Aug 1660
      Abode: Ormskirk
      Register: Baptisms 1653 - 1674, Page 51, Entry 3
      Source: LDS Film 1849663

    4. Bill, per Burke's Landed Gentry, Col. Edward Rawstorne, who governed Lathom House during the Civil War (and who married Helen Assheton and Mary Greenhalgh), died about 1646. So he couldn't be the same man as your ancestor Edward Rawstorne of Ormskirk, whose children were baptized there in 1660 and 1661. I don't know how your Edward fits into the Rawstorne of Hutton family. But, since Lathom House was in the parish of Ormskirk, I'm going to guess that your Edward Rawstorne was a namesake illegitimate son of Col. Edward Rawstorne. Had he been a legitimate son, he would've inherited the Rawstorne estates (New Hall, etc) at Col. Rawstorne's death, rather than Lawrence Rawstorne, the Colonel's brother. If I come across any evidence in my research, I'll definitely let you know!

    5. Thank you Brad, anything that could solve this and tidy up our tree


  4. Marriage: 8 Oct 1695 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England
    Henry Holland - Of ye Parish
    Emlin Rawsthorne - Of ye Parish
    Married by Banns
    Register: Marriages 1679 - 1698/9, Page 7, Entry 24
    Source: LDS Film 1849663

  5. Hello Brad

    After doing more research I need to update if i may:

    Our Edward Rawsthorne goes back through his parents who are James Raustorne & Emlin Dawber from Ormskirk, Lancashire

    Forgive and delete my previous postings if you deem needed