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{52} Ruvigny Elaboration: Henry VII Descent for George Moore of Appleby Hall (1811-1871)

George Moore of Appleby Hall 
The Moore family seated at Appleby Hall in the 19th century is thought to have sprung from the Mores of More Hall and Bank Hall in Lancashire, and Sir John Moore (1620-1702), Lord Mayor of London 1681-82, assumed the coat of arms of the Lancashire Mores when he was knighted. But the line can only be traced today to a Charles Moore of Stretton in Derbyshire (grandfather of the Lord Mayor), who purchased the manor of Appleby Parva in 1599. A very comprehensive online account of the Moores of Appleby is that of historian Richard Dunmore, which can be found on the Appleby Magna website. For the next 320 or so years, the Moores continued as owners of the manor of Appleby, and made its manor house Appleby Hall their home.

By the mid-18th-century, the Moores were well established in the upper levels of Leicestershire society, and began serving terms as High Sheriff of the county. But it wasn't until the early 19th-century that a member of the family married into the Edward I bloodline: and, rather unusually, the first marriage of the Moores into that bloodline was to a descendant of Henry VII. How, in 1810, old George Moore, squire of Appleby Hall, was able to secure the granddaughter of an earl as a bride for his 31-year-old son and heir, requires a bit of explanation. The key to such a noteworthy marriage was the bride's father, John Drummond, the fifth of his family to be Laird of Megginch Castle in Perthshire. His family had strong ties to Quebec, the province of Lower Canada that Drummond's father lived in from 1764 till his death in 1776. Drummond himself succeeded his father as a member of the Quebec council and deputy commissary and paymaster to the British forces in Canada until 1782, when he seems to have returned to Britain. Four years later in 1786, he succeeded his uncle Adam Drummond to Megginch Castle and the Lennoch estate in Perthshire, as well as to his uncle's Shaftesbury seat in Parliament. Being the new head of the family brought Drummond some social cachet, but he was in constant financial difficulties. He sold the Lennoch estate shortly after inheriting it, and so probably had sufficient cash on hand when he married Lady Susan Fane, the half-sister of the 10th Earl of Westmorland. It was a prestigious match for Drummond, not so much for the Fanes. Lady Susan's father had died some years before, and she was raised by her mother and stepfather Col. John Woodford, which helps to explain why she and her two younger sisters married outside of the peerage. John Drummond only enjoyed four-and-a-half years of marriage to his well-connected wife before she died as a result of giving birth to their second child and only daughter in 1793. Two years later, Drummond made over Megginch Castle to his younger brother Robert, and by 1802 had purchased Snarestone Lodge in Leicestershire from Col. Samuel Madden, an Irish officer prone to heavy gambling, the widower of one of the two co-heiresses to the property.
Moore of Appleby coat of arms
[Ermine, three greyhounds courant, in pale,
sa., collared, gu., and on a canton of the third,
a lion, passant, guardant, or

Once settled into Snarestone Lodge, it wasn't long before Drummond and his daughter came to the notice of the Moores at Appleby Hall, a mere two miles away. Since the Moores had evolved into one of the leading gentry families in Leicestershire, Drummond was assured they would provide his daughter a lifestyle similar in rank and grander in scale than what he had been able to give her. And so in 1810, Drummond's 17-year-old daughter Susan was married to George Moore, the 31-year-old heir to the Appleby Hall estate. History tragically repeated itself when the young Mrs. Moore, whose own birth had resulted in the early death of her mother, herself died at age 20 as a result of giving birth to her second child, a daughter who survived and was named Susan Drummond in honour of her just-departed mother.

Burke's Landed Gentry stopped tracking the pedigree of the Moores of Appleby Hall at the end of the 19th century. The family's last appearance in that series was in the 9th Edition of 1898. The most comprehensive pedigree of the Moores remains the 1909 Moore of Appleby Hall pedigree in Volume 16 of the Visitation of England and Wales series. Thankfully, historian Richard Dunmore, with the aid of George Moore descendant Peter Moore, have provided a detailed account of the family on the Appleby Magna website, linked to above, which allows us to trace the family down to the present day. My goal is to elaborate on and continue the descent of the family begun by Ruvigny in his 1903 Tudor volume, p. 485.
Ruvigny's account of George Moore & his children in his 1903 Tudor volume pp. 485-86
GEORGE MOORE of Appleby Hall, b. 17 Sept. 1811 Snarestone Lodge, Leicestershire, bap. 9 Jan. 1812 St Bartholomew Church, Snarestone; d. 26 Aug. 1871 Camisky House, Invernesshire, Scotland, bur. 2 Sept. 1871 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire, only son of George Moore of Appleby Hall (1778-1827) and his 1st wife Susan Drummond (1793-1813, descended from Henry VII - see Generation 12 below); m. 1st 10 June 1833 St Marylebone Parish Church, London, SUSAN INGE, b. 15 Sept. 1804 Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Constantine, Staffordshire,
Isabel (née Holden) Moore
bap. 1 Nov. 1804 St Constantine Church, Thorpe Constantine; d.s.p. 12 Mar. 1836 Thorpe Hall, bur. 18 Mar. 1836 St Constantine Church, Thorpe Constantine, 2nd dau of William Phillips Inge of Thorpe Hall (1773-1838, descended from Henry VII) and Lady Elizabeth Euphemia Stewart (1771-1855, descended from Henry VII); m. 2nd 8 Jan. 1839 All Saints Church, Aston-upon-Trent, Derbyshire, ISABEL CLARA HOLDEN, b. Aston Hall, Aston-upon-Trent, bap. 28 Oct. 1810 All Saints Church, Aston-upon-Trent; d. 17 Jan. 1867 Appleby Hall, bur. 23 Jan. 1867 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna, dau of Rev. Charles Shuttleworth [later Holden] of Aston Hall (1749-1821, descended from Edward III) and his 3rd wife Rosamund Amelia Deane (1772-1820, descended from Henry IV), and had issue, two sons and four daughters.

Issue of George and Isabel Clara (Holden) Moore:

1) CLARA ELIZABETH MOORE, b. 21 Feb. 1841 Aston Hall, Aston-Upon-Trent, bap. 4 May 1841 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. 11 Jan. 1911 Dillington House, Whitelackington, Somersetshire; m. 7 Aug. 1861 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna, VAUGHAN HANNING VAUGHAN-LEE of Dillington House, M.P. West Somerset 1874-1882, b. 25 Feb. 1836 Westminster, London; d. 7 July 1882 Dillington House, bur. 12 July 1882 St Mary Church, Whitelackington, son and heir of John Lee Hanning [later Lee] of Orleigh Court, Devon (1802-1874) and his 1st wife Jessie Vaughan (d. 1836) [*1], and had issue, four sons and four daughters.

George John Moore
2) GEORGE JOHN MOORE of Appleby Hall, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant Leicestershire, b. 19 Dec. 1842 Aston Hall, bap. 7 Feb. 1843 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. 1 Oct. 1916 Appleby Hall, bur. 4 Oct. 1916 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; m. 6 Oct. 1874 St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London, LOUISA KEKEWICH, b. 3 Mar. 1846 Peamore House, Exminster, Devon; d. 12 Oct. 1921 Seaton Burn, Sidmouth, Devon, bur. St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna, 2nd dau of Samuel Trehawke Kekewich of Peamore House (1796-1873, descended from Edward I) and his 2nd wife Louisa Buck (1811-1880, descended from Edward IV), and had issue, three sons and one daughter.

3) SUSAN MOORE, b. Appleby Hall, bap. 30 Apr. 1845 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. 8 Apr. 1906 Hyde Park, London; m. 26 Nov. 1863 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna, WALTER MAINWARING COYNEY of Weston Coyney Hall, Caverswall, Staffordshire, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant Staffordshire, b. 18 Sept. 1839 Weston Coyney Hall, bap. 19 Sept. 1839 St Peter Church, Caverswall; d. 6 Jan. 1884 Weston Coyney Hall, son and heir of Charles Coyney of Weston Coyney Hall (1801-1883) and his 1st wife Sophia Henrietta Mainwaring (1813-1871, descended from Edward III), and had issue, two sons and six daughters.
Appleby Hall, Leicestershire in 1916. It was demolished in the 1920s.

4) Rev. CHARLES THOMAS MOORE, Rector of Appleby 1877-1922, b. 3 Feb. 1847 Appleby Hall, bap. 15 Apr. 1847 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. 21 July 1924 Hill House, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire; m. 7 Jan. 1880 All Saints Church, Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire, MABEL CHARLOTTE BYRON, b. 20 Apr. 1853 Marylebone, London; d. 19 Dec. 1926 Lavender Cottage, Appleby Magna, est. dau. of Hon. and Rev. Augustus Byron of Kirkby Mallory (1828-1907, descended from Edward III) and Frederica McMahon (1829-1903, descended from Edward III), and had issue, four sons and two daughters.

5) ROSAMOND MOORE, b. Appleby Hall, bap. 8 July 1849 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. unm. 15 Mar. 1928 Earl's Court, London - the last surviving child of George Moore.

6) KATHARINE MOORE, b. 24 Oct. 1851 Appleby Hall, bap. 27 Jan. 1852 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d.s.p. 18 Aug. 1920 Earl's Court, London; m. 21 Aug. 1879 St John's Church, Paddington, London, WILLIAM WRIOTHESLEY MILLS WINGFIELD of Uxbridge, Middlesex, b. 17 Jan. 1841 Gulval, Cornwall, bap. 14 Feb. 1841 St Wolvela Church, Gulval; d.s.p. 18 Mar. 1903 Tower House, Uxbridge, bur. 23 Mar. 1903 St Lawrence Church, Cowley, Middlesex, only son of Rev. William Wriothesley Wingfield of Gulval (1814-1912, descended from Edward IV) and Elizabeth Frances Anne Fortescue (1816-1899, descended from Edward I).

[*1] Vaughan Hanning Lee [later Vaughan-Lee] is an example of an Englishman of the gentry class in the Victorian era whose four grandparents - William Hanning of Dillington House, Harriet Lee of Pinhoe, Devon, John Edwards Vaughan of Rheola, Glamorganshire, and Sarah Barwis of London - do not appear to have any traceable lines back to Edward I.

Princess Mary Tudor -
see Generation 1
George Moore of Appleby Hall has a 13-generation descent from Henry VII, as follows.

Henry VII had a dau:
1) Princess MARY TUDOR, b. 18 Mar. 1496 Richmond Palace, Surrey; d. 25 June 1533 Westhorpe Hall, Suffolk, bur. 22 July 1533 Bury St Edmunds Abbey, Suffolk; m. 2nd 31 Mar. 1515 Paris, France, CHARLES BRANDON, 1st Duke of Suffolk, b. c.1483; d. 22 Aug. 1545 Guildford, Surrey, bur. 9 Sept. 1545 St George Chapel, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, yr son of Sir William Brandon (c.1453-1485, descended from Edward I) & Elizabeth Bruyn (d. 1494), and had
2) Lady ELEANOR BRANDON, b. 1519; d. 27 Sept. 1547 Brougham Castle, Westmorland, bur. Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, Yorkshire; m. June 1535 Suffolk House, Southwark, HENRY CLIFFORD, 2nd Earl of Cumberland, b. c.1517; d. 2 Jan. 1570 Brougham Castle, bur. Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, elder son of Henry Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland (1493-1542, descended from Edward III) & Lady Margaret Percy (c.1495-1540, descended from Edward III), and had
Margaret (née Clifford), Countess
of Derby
- see Generation 3
3) Lady MARGARET CLIFFORD, b. 1540; d. 29 Sept. 1596 Cleveland Row, Westminster, bur. 22 Oct. 1596 Westminster Abbey; m. 7 Feb. 1555 Whitehall Palace, Westminster, HENRY STANLEY, 4th Earl of Derby, b. Sept. 1531 Lathom Castle, Lancashire, bap. there 4 Oct. 1531; d. there 25 Sept. 1593, bur. 4 Dec. 1593 St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk, Lancashire, son of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby (1509-1572, descended from Edward III) & his 2nd wife Lady Dorothy Howard (c.1514-c.1547, descended from Edward I), and had
4) WILLIAM STANLEY, 6th Earl of Derby, b. Derby House, Cannon Row, Westminster, bap. 20 July 1561 St Martin Ludgate, London; d. 29 Sept. 1642 Chester, Cheshire, bur. there 1 Oct. 1642; m. 26 Jan. 1595 Greenwich Palace, Kent, Lady ELIZABETH DE VERE, b. 2 July 1575 Theobalds House, Hertfordshire, bap. there 10 July 1575; d. 10 Mar. 1627 Richmond Palace, Surrey, bur. 11 Mar. 1627 Westminster Abbey, est. dau of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604, descended from Edward I) & his 1st wife Anne Cecil (1556-1588), and had
5) JAMES STANLEY, 7th Earl of Derby, b. 31 Jan. 1606 Knowsley Hall, Lancashire; d. 15 Oct. 1651 Bolton, Lancashire, bur. St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk; m. 26 June 1626 The Hague, Holland, CHARLOTTE DE LA TREMOILLE, b. Dec. 1599 Thouars Castle, Poitou, France; d. 22 Mar. 1664 Knowsley Hall, bur. 6 Apr. 1644 St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk, dau of Claude de La Trémoille, 2nd Duke of Thouars (1566-1604, descended from Frederick IV of Naples) & Countess Charlotte Brabatine of Nassau (1580-1631), and had
Amelia (née Stanley), Marchioness
of Atholl
- see Generation 6
6) Lady AMELIA ANN SOPHIA STANLEY, b. 17 July 1633; d. 22 Feb. 1703, bur. Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire, Scotland; m. 5 May 1659, JOHN MURRAY, 1st Marquess of Atholl, b. 2 May 1631; d. 6 May 1703, bur. 17 May 1703 Dunkeld Cathedral, son of John Murray, 1st Earl of Atholl (d. 1642, descended from James IV) & Jean Campbell (descended from Edward III), and had
7) JOHN MURRAY, 1st Duke of Atholl, b. 24 Feb. 1660 Knowsley Hall; d. 14 Nov. 1724 Huntingtower, Perthshire, bur. 26 Nov. 1724 Dunkeld Cathedral; m. 1st 26 May 1683, Lady KATHERINE HAMILTON, b. Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire, bap. 24 Oct. 1662 Collegiate Church, Hamilton; d. 11 Dec. 1707, bur. 17 Jan. 1708 Collegiate Church, Hamilton, 2nd dau of William Douglas [later Hamilton], 3rd Duke of Hamilton (1634-1694, descended from James IV) & Anne, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton (1632-1716, descended from James IV), and had
8) Lady (ANNA) SUSAN MURRAY, b. 15 Apr. 1699; d. 22 June 1725; m. 25 Apr. 1716, as his 2nd wife, WILLIAM GORDON, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, bap. 22 Dec. 1679; d. 30 Mar. 1745 Edinburgh, son of George Gordon, 1st Earl of Aberdeen (1637-1720, descended from James I of Scotland) & Anne Lockhart (d. 1707), and had
Katharine, Duchess of Gordon -
see Generation 9
9) Lady KATHARINE GORDON, b. 20 Oct. 1718; d. 10 Dec. 1779 London, bur. Elgin Cathedral, Moray, Scotland; m. 1st[*2] 3 Sept. 1741 Dunkeld Cathedral, COSMO GEORGE GORDON, 3rd Duke of Gordon, b. 27 Apr. 1720; d. 5 Aug. 1752, son of Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of Gordon (c.1678-1728, descended from James IV) & Lady Henrietta Mordaunt (1682-1760, descended from Edward III), and had
10) Lady SUSAN GORDON, b. 1746; d. 11 Dec. 1814 Berkeley Square, London, bur. 20 Dec. 1814 St Leonard Church, Apethorpe, Northamptonshire; m. 1st[*3] 28 May 1767 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, JOHN FANE, 9th Earl of Westmorland, b. 5 May 1728 Bristol, Gloucestershire, bap. 22 May 1728 St Werburgh Church, Bristol; d. 26 Apr. 1774, bur. 3 May 1774 Holy Trinity Church, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire, son of Thomas Fane, 8th Earl of Westmorland (1701-1771, descended from Edward III) & Elizabeth Swymmer (1698-1782), and had
Lady Susan (née Fane) Drummond
- see Generation 11
11) Lady SUSAN FANE, b. 3 Oct. 1768 Charminster, Dorset, bap. 24 Oct. 1768 St Mary Church, Charminster; d. 8 Mar. 1793; m. 4 Aug. 1788 St Marylebone Parish Church, London, JOHN DRUMMOND, 5th Laird of Megginch Castle, Perthshire, b. 1754; d. 13 May 1835 Boyce Court, Dymock, Gloucestershire, bur. 20 May 1835 St Mary Church, Dymock, eldest son of Colin Drummond of Quebec (1722-1776, descended from James II of Scotland) & Katherine Oliphant (d. 1810), and had
12) SUSAN DRUMMOND, b. Mar. 1793; d. 7 Apr. 1813 Snarestone Lodge, Leicestershire; m. 1810, GEORGE MOORE of Appleby Hall, High Sheriff Leicestershire 1821, b. 31 Dec. 1778 White House, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire, bap. 2 Jan. 1779 St Michael & All Angels Church, Appleby Magna; d. 23 June 1827, son of George Moore of Appleby Hall (1743-1813) & Elizabeth Darker (1754-1834), and had [*4]
13) GEORGE MOORE of Appleby Hall (1811-1871) - see details above

Staats Long Morris (1728-1800)
[*2] Katharine, Duchess of Gordon, m. 2nd 25 Mar. 1756, as his 1st wife, STAATS LONG MORRIS of Berrymead Lodge, Acton, Middlesex, Governor of Quebec 1797-1800, b. 27 Aug. 1728 Morrisania, New York; d. 2 Apr. 1800 Berrymead Lodge, bur. 7 Apr. 1800 Westminster Abbey (said to be the only American bur. there), son of Col. Lewis Morris of Morrisania (1698-1762) & Katrintje Staats (1697-1732), but had no further issue.

[*3] Susan, Countess of Westmorland, m. 2nd 28 Dec. 1778, Col. JOHN WOODFORD, bap. 1 June 1741 St Mary Church, Southampton; d. Edinburgh, bur. 17 Apr. 1800 Chapel Royal, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, yr son of Matthew Woodford of Southampton & Mary Brideoake, and further issue, two sons, Sir Alexander George Woodford (1782-1870) and Sir John George Woodford (1785-1879).

[*4] The only other child of Susan (née Drummond) Moore was a daughter, Susan Drummond Moore, b. 7 Apr. 1813 Snarestone Lodge, bap. same day St Bartholomew Church, Snarestone; d. 10 Sept. 1882 Bayswater, London, bur. 14 Sept. 1882 All Saints Church, Aston-upon-Trent; m. 22 Nov. 1832 St Bartholomew Church, Snarestone, EDWARD ANTHONY HOLDEN of Aston Hall, b. 2 Aug. 1805 Aston Hall, bap. 3 Aug. 1805 All Saints Church, Aston-upon-Trent; d. 28 Aug. 1877 Aston Hall, bur. 1 Sept. 1877 All Saints Church, Aston-upon-Trent, elder brother of Isabel Clara Holden, the 2nd wife of her brother George Moore of Appleby Hall, and had issue.

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