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{57} Henry VII Descents for Helen (née FitzRoy) Newton (1857-1935)

FitzRoy of Grafton Coat of Arms
Helen Mary FitzRoy is No. 26698 on p. 337 of Ruvigny's 1903 Tudor Roll volume. She is shown married to Charles Milnes Newton, but Ruvigny was apparently unaware of the couple's only child, daughter Rachel Esme Newton (1891-1965), who was age 12 when the volume was published, and would go on to marry Col. Geoffrey Moore in 1917.

The third daughter of her parents, Mr. (Francis) Horatio FitzRoy of Frogmore Park in Yateley, Hampshire, and his wife Hon. Mrs. (Gertrude) FitzRoy, Helen was the last of their daughters to wed (the second daughter Kathleen FitzRoy died a spinster). It wasn't until she was 33 years old that she walked down the aisle of Holy Trinity Church in Hawley on the arm of her father.  Her eldest sister had been married for 19 years, and her youngest sister Esmé, the beauty of the family and Helen's junior by two years, had been married for the past four years and was already a mother. Helen chose Esmé's daughter Mary Curzon, almost age three, to be the youngest bridesmaid in her wedding party. Helen's marriage to the 34-year-old artist Charles Newton, would be the final wedding of his children that Horatio FitzRoy, the old esquire of Frogmore Park, would live to attend, and details of the event survive in a newspaper account:
Holy Trinity Church, Hawley, Hampshire

“On Tuesday last, the marriage of Mr. Charles Milnes Newton with Miss Helen Mary FitzRoy, third daughter of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Horatio FitzRoy, of Frogmore Park, Blackwater, Hants, was solemnised at Holy Trinity Church, Hawley, the officiating clergy being the Bishop of Guildford, assisted by the Rev. J.P. Wyatt, Incumbent of Hawley, and the Rev. T. James. The bride arrived at the church punctually at 2 30, and was given away by her father. The bride’s dress was of rich white ‘royale’ silk, draped with old Brussels lace, the gift of her mother, and she wore a Brussels lace veil, fastened with two diamond crescents, and a spray of orange blossom in her hair. The bridesmaids were Miss Rosalind Lloyd Anstruther and Miss Mary Curzon, nieces of the bride, Miss Eleanor Newton, sister, and Miss Vera Ridley, niece of the bridegroom, Miss Cecilia Peel, cousin of the bride, and Miss Anderson ... Mr. and Mrs. FitzRoy afterwards held a reception, at which the following company were present:— Hon. Lawrence and Mrs. Parsons, Hon. Cecil Duncombe, General Lord and Lady Alexander Russell, Sir Charles Cox, Sir Philip Currie, K.C.B., Sir Edward Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ridley, Mr. Henry Newton, Hon. Mrs. Cecil Peel, Miss Peel, Colonel Lloyd Anstruther, M.P., and Mrs. Lloyd Anstruther, Mr. FitzRoy Lloyd Anstruther, Mrs. Edward Clive, Captain and Mrs. Elliott, Colonel and Mrs. Edward FitzRoy, Lady (Houston) Stewart, Miss Grenfell, Hon. Randolph Stewart, Mr. Meynell, Miss Florence Duncombe, Miss Elizabeth Newton, Captain Horace Newton, Miss Eleanor Anderson, Colonel and Miss Rothwell, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Hankey, Hon. and Rev. Randal Parsons, Mrs. Arthur Culville, the Bishop of Guildford, Miss Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Harington Balfour, Mr. Nigel Balfour, Rev. J.P. and Mrs. Wyatt, Misses Wyatt, Miss Stapleton, Major and Mrs. Barrington Foote, Mr. Almeric FitzRoy, Mr. Walter Forbes, Mrs. Granet, Misses Connop, Colonel and Mrs. Harvey, Miss Ruddach, Major Harold Paget, Lady Glass, Mrs. Townshend Wilson, Misses Townshend Wilson, Miss Kathleen FitzRoy, Captain Leonard Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Stilwell, Miss Stilwell, Mr. Cyril FitzRoy, Mr. G.A. F. Shadwell, Mrs. Foard Harris, and Mr. Alfred Farquhar (who acted as ‘best man’).  Soon after four o’clock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newton left for Eaglehurst, on the Southampton Water, lent for the honeymoon by Mr. Frederick Cox. The bride’s travelling dress was of electric blue cloth and silk, handsomely braided in the same colour, with felt hat to match, trimmed with cock’s feathers, and she wore a cock’s feather boa.  The wedding presents were very numerous and valuable.” ['Fashionable Wedding At Hawley', Reading Mercury, Saturday, October 18, 1890, p. 4]

Helen (née FitzRoy) Newton on p. 337 of Ruvigny's 1903 Tudor volume
The couple led a very low-profile married life for 41 years. They appear in newspaper announcements as guests at various family events, but otherwise do not generate copy. Helen, Mrs. Charles Newton, survived her husband three years, and died on Halloween in 1935 at Garats Hay Hall, in Woodside, Leicestershire, the home of her sister Esmé. I've so far not been successful in discovering where Helen and her husband Charles Newton were buried.

HELEN MARY FITZROY, b. 13 June 1857 Belgrave Square, Belgravia, London, bap. 13 July 1857 St Michael Chester Square, Belgravia; d. 31 Oct. 1935 Garats Hay Hall, Woodhouse, Leicestershire, 3rd dau. of Horatio FitzRoy of Frogmore Park (see Generation A13 below) and Hon. Gertrude Duncombe (see Generation B13 below); m. 14 Oct. 1890 Holy Trinity Church, Hawley, Hampshire, CHARLES MILNES NEWTON of Brompton, b. 11 Apr. 1856 Castle Burke plantation, St Croix, Virgin Islands; d. 18 Jan. 1932 Montpelier Square, Brompton, London, eldest son of Francis Rodes Newton of Castle Burke (1827-1886) and Anna Louisa Gyllich (1833-1862), and had issue, one daughter.
Garats Hay Hall, Woodhouse, Leicestershire
As Ruvigny did not track illegitimate lines, Helen does not appear in his Tudor volume as a descendant of Charles II, with his two lines of descent from Henry VII through that monarch's elder daughter Princess Margaret Tudor. Rather, Ruvigny focused on Helen's two legitimate lines of descent from Henry VII, which are through his younger daughter Princess Mary Tudor. Helen's mother Hon. Mrs. Gertrude (née Duncombe) FitzRoy is No. 34089 (p. 501) in the Tudor volume.

Henry VII had a dau:
A1) Princess MARY TUDOR, b. 18 Mar. 1496 Richmond Palace, Surrey; d. 25 June 1533 Westhorpe Hall, Suffolk, bur. 22 July 1533 Bury St Edmunds Abbey, Suffolk; m. 2nd 31 March 1515 Paris, France, CHARLES BRANDON, 1st Duke of Suffolk, b. c.1483; d. 22 Aug. 1545 Guildford, Surrey, bur. 9 Sept. 1545 St George Chapel, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, yr son of Sir William Brandon (c.1453-1485, descended from Edward I) and Elizabeth Bruyn (d. 1494), and had two daus A2 & B2 (see below)
Frances (née Brandon), Duchess of
Suffolk - see Generation A2
A2) Lady FRANCES BRANDON, b. 16 July 1517 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, bap. 18 July 1517 St Ethelreda Church, Hatfield; d. 21 Nov. 1559 Richmond Palace, Surrey, bur. 5 Dec. 1559 St Edmund Chapel, Westminster Abbey; m. 1st May 1533 Suffolk House, Southwark, Surrey, HENRY GREY, 1st Duke of Suffolk, b. 17 Jan. 1517 Bradgate Hall, Leicestershire; d. 23 Feb. 1554 Tower of London, est son of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of Dorset (1477-1530, descended from Edward III) and his 2nd wife Margaret Wotton (d. 1541), and had
A3) Lady KATHERINE GREY, b. c.1540; d. 27 Jan. 1568 Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk, bur. 21 Feb. 1568 St Peter Church, Yoxford; m. 2nd Dec. 1560 Beauchamp Place, London, EDWARD SEYMOUR, 1st Earl of Hertford, b. 22 May 1539 Beauchamp Place; d. 6 Apr. 1621 Netley, Hampshire, bur. Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, est son of Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (c.1500-1552, descended from Edward III) and his 2nd wife Anne Stanhope (c.1510-1587, descended from Edward III), and had
A4) EDWARD SEYMOUR, Lord Beauchamp, b. 24 Sept. 1561 Tower of London, bap. there 26 Sept. 1561; d. 13 July 1612 Wick, Wiltshire, bur. St Mary Church, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire; m. 1581, HONORA ROGERS, dau of Sir Richard Rogers of Bryanston (c.1527-1605, descended from Edward I) & his 1st wife Cecilia Luttrell (d. 1566, descended from Edward I), and had
A5) Hon. HONORA SEYMOUR, b. c.1592; bur. 23 Mar. 1620 St Edmund Church, Dudley, Staffordshire; m. 16 July 1610, Sir FERDINANDO SUTTON, Heir of Dudley Castle, b. 4 Sept. 1588; d. 22 Nov. 1621 St Katherine Cree, London, bur. 23 Nov. 1621 St Margaret Church, Westminster, only son of Edward Sutton, 5th Lord Dudley (1567-1643, descended from Edward III) and Theodosia Harington (d. 1650, descended from Edward I), and had
Barons Dudley & Ward coat of arms
A6) FRANCES, 6th BARONESS DUDLEY, b. 23 July 1611 Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, bap. there 18 Aug. 1611; bur. 11 Aug. 1697 St Michael Church, Himley, Staffordshire; m. (settlement 17 Feb.) 1628, HUMBLE WARD, 1st Baron Ward of Birmingham, b. 1613; d. 14 Oct. 1670, bur. 17 Oct. 1670 St Michael Church, Himley, son of William Ward of Cheapside and Elizabeth Humble (d. 1616), and had
A7) EDWARD WARD, 7th Baron Dudley, b. 1631; d. 3 Aug. 1701, bur. 8 Aug. 1701 St Michael Church, Himley; m. 1655, FRANCES BRERETON, b. c.1635; bur. 21 Nov. 1676 St Michael Church, Himley, dau of Sir William Brereton, 1st Baronet of Handforth (1604-1661, descended from Edward I) and his 1st wife Susanna Booth (1601-1637, descended from Edward I), and had
A8) Hon. KATHERINE WARD, b. c.1663; d. 21 Apr. 1691 Enville Hall, Staffordshire, bur. 25 Apr. 1691 St Mary Church, Enville; m. 5 Nov. 1683 St Edmund Church, Dudley, Hon. JOHN GREY of Enville Hall, b. c.1628; d. Feb. 1709, 3rd son of Henry Grey, 1st Earl of Stamford (c.1599-1673, descended from Edward III) and Lady Anne Cecil (1602-1676, descended from Edward III), and had
A9) FRANCES GREY, b. c.1689; d. 22 Mar. 1769, bur. 1 Apr. 1769 St Michael Church, Tettenhall, Staffordshire; m. 15 Jan. 1704 St Mary Church, Enville, Sir JOHN WROTTESLEY, 4th Baronet of Wrottesley, b. c.1682; bur. 1 Nov. 1726 St Michael Church, Tettenhall, son of Sir Walter Wrottesley, 3rd Baronet of Wrottesley (1659-1712, descended from Edward III) and his 1st wife Eleanor Archer (1660-1694, descended from Henry IV), and had
A10) Sir RICHARD WROTTESLEY, 7th Baronet of Wrottesley, b. 12 Apr. 1721 Wrottesley Hall, Tettenhall, bap. there 19 June 1721; d. 20 July 1769, bur. 31 July 1769 St Michael Church, Tettenhall; m. 6 Oct. 1739 St Mary Church, Trentham, Staffordshire, Lady MARY LEVESON-GOWER, b. 30 Oct. 1717 Westminster, London, bap. 27 Nov. 1717 St Anne Soho, London; d. 30 Apr. 1778, bur. 9 May 1778 St Michael Church, Tettenhall, eldest dau of John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower (1694-1754, descended from Edward III) and his 1st wife Lady Evelyn Pierrepont (1691-1727, descended from Edward III), and had
Elizabeth (née Wrottesley), Duchess
of Grafton - see Generation A11
A11) ELIZABETH WROTTESLEY, b. 21 Oct. 1745 Wrottesley Hall, bap. there same day; d. 25 May 1822 Mayfair, London, bur. 31 May 1822 St James Church, Westminster; m. 24 June 1769 Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire, as his 2nd wife, AUGUSTUS HENRY FITZROY, 3rd Duke of Grafton, b. 28 Sept. 1735 Marylebone, London, bap. 17 Oct. 1735 St Marylebone Parish Church; d. 14 Mar. 1811 Euston Hall, Suffolk, bur. 21 Mar. 1811 St Genevieve Church, Euston, son of Lord Augustus FitzRoy of Marylebone (1716-1741, descended from Charles II) and Elizabeth Cosby (c.1715-1788, descended from Edward III), and had
A12) Lord WILLIAM FITZROY of East Sheen, Surrey, Admiral of the White 1853-1857, b. 1 June 1782 London; d. 13 May 1857 East Sheen, bur. 20 May 1857 Mortlake Cemetery, Surrey; m. 22 Aug. 1816 St George Hanover Square, London, GEORGIANA RAIKES, b. 17 May 1789 London, bap. 13 June 1789 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London; d. 2 Dec. 1861 Hastings, Sussex, dau. of Thomas Raikes of Freelands, Kent (1741-1813) and Charlotte Finch (1750-1822, descended from Edward III), and had
A13) (FRANCIS) HORATIO FITZROY of Frogmore Park, Yateley, Hampshire, b. 6 June 1823 London, bap. 16 July 1823 St Mary Church, Hambleden, Buckinghamshire; d. 20 Mar. 1900 Frogmore Park, bur. 24 Mar. 1900 Holy Trinity Churchyard, Hawley, Hampshire; m. 17 Nov. 1849 St George Hanover Square, London, Hon. GERTRUDE DUNCOMBE (see B13 below), and had
A14) HELEN MARY FITZROY, wife of CHARLES MILNES NEWTON - see details above

Eleanor (née Brandon), Countess
of Cumberland
- see Generation B2
B2) Lady ELEANOR BRANDON, b. 1519; d. 27 Sept. 1547 Brougham Castle, Westmorland, bur. Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, Yorkshire; m. June 1535 Suffolk House, Southwark, HENRY CLIFFORD, 2nd Earl of Cumberland, b. c.1517; d. 2 Jan. 1570 Brougham Castle, bur. Holy Trinity Church, Skipton, elder son of Henry Clifford, 1st Earl of Cumberland (1493-1542, descended from Edward III) and Lady Margaret Percy (c.1495-1540, descended from Edward III), and had
B3) Lady MARGARET CLIFFORD, b. 1540; d. 29 Sept. 1596 Cleveland Row, Westminster, bur. 22 Oct. 1596 Westminster Abbey; m. 7 Feb. 1555 Whitehall Palace, Westminster, HENRY STANLEY, 4th Earl of Derby, b. Sept. 1531 Lathom Castle, Lancashire, bap. there 4 Oct. 1531; d. there 25 Sept. 1593, bur. 4 Dec. 1593 St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk, Lancashire, son of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby (1509-1572, descended from Edward III) and his 2nd wife Lady Dorothy Howard (c.1514-c.1547, descended from Edward I), and had
6th Earl of Derby - see
Generation B4
B4) WILLIAM STANLEY, 6th Earl of Derby, b. Derby House, Cannon Row, Westminster, bap. 20 July 1561 St Martin Ludgate, London; d. 29 Sept. 1642 Chester, Cheshire, bur. there 1 Oct. 1642; m. 26 Jan. 1595 Greenwich Palace, Kent, Lady ELIZABETH DE VERE, b. 2 July 1575 Theobalds House, Hertfordshire, bap. there 10 July 1575; d. 10 Mar. 1627 Richmond Palace, Surrey, bur. 11 Mar. 1627 Westminster Abbey, est. dau. of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604, descended from Edward I) and his 1st wife Anne Cecil (1556-1588), and had
B5) JAMES STANLEY, 7th Earl of Derby, b. 31 Jan. 1606 Knowsley Hall, Lancashire; d. 15 Oct. 1651 Bolton, Lancashire, bur. St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk; m. 26 June 1626 The Hague, Holland, CHARLOTTE DE LA TREMOILLE, b. Dec. 1599 Thouars Castle, Poitou, France; d. 22 Mar. 1664 Knowsley Hall, bur. 6 Apr. 1644 St Peter & St Paul Church, Ormskirk, dau of Claude de La Trémoille, 2nd Duke of Thouars (1566-1604, descended from Frederick IV of Naples) and Countess Charlotte Brabatine of Nassau (1580-1631), and had
1st Earl of Dunmore -
see Generation B7
B6) Lady AMELIA ANN SOPHIA STANLEY, b. 17 July 1633; d. 22 Feb. 1703, bur. Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire, Scotland; m. 5 May 1659, JOHN MURRAY, 1st Marquess of Atholl, b. 2 May 1631; d. 6 May 1703, bur. 17 May 1703 Dunkeld Cathedral, son of John Murray, 1st Earl of Atholl (d. 1642, descended from James IV) and Jean Campbell (descended from Edward III), and had
B7) CHARLES MURRAY, 1st Earl of Dunmore, b. 28 Feb. 1661 Knowsley Hall; d. 19 Apr. 1710 Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh; bur. there 24 Apr. 1710; m. 18 Dec. 1682, KATHERINE WATTS, bap. 7 Sept. 1666 St Andrew Church, Hertford, Hertfordshire; d. by 22 Jan. 1711 (when administration of estate was granted), only dau of Richard Watts of Garnons (c.1630-1666, descended from Edward III) and Katherine Werden (b. c.1643), and had
B8) Lady ANNE MURRAY, b. 31 Oct. 1687 Whitehall Palace; d. 30 Nov. 1710 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland; m. 3 Apr. 1706 Paisley Abbey, JOHN COCHRANE, 4th Earl of Dundonald, b. 4 July 1687 Paisley; d. 5 June 1720, yr son of John Cochrane, 2nd Earl of Dundonald (c.1660-1690, descended from James I) and Lady Susanna Hamilton (1667-1737, descended from James IV), and had
Catherine (née Cochrane), Countess
of Galloway
- see Generation B9
B9) Lady CATHERINE COCHRANE, b. 1709; d. 15 Mar. 1786 Bath, Somersetshire, bur. 20 Mar. 1786 St Swithin Church, Walcot, Bath; m. 5 Jan. 1729 Edinburgh, ALEXANDER STEWART, 6th Earl of Galloway, b. c.1694; d. 24 Sept. 1773 Aix-en-Provence, France, son of James Stewart, 5th Earl of Galloway (d. 1746, descended from James IV) & Lady Katherine Montgomerie (d. 1757, descended from James IV), and had
B10) JOHN STEWART, 7th Earl of Galloway, b. 13 Mar. 1736; d. 13 Nov. 1806 Galloway House, Sorbie, Wigtownshire, Scotland, bur. 27 Nov. 1806 Sorbie Parish Church; m. 2nd 13 June 1764 St George Hanover Square, London, ANNE DASHWOOD, b. 21 June 1742 Westminster, bap. 22 June 1742 St George Hanover Square; d. 8 Jan. 1830 Berkeley Square, London, bur. 15 Jan. 1830 St Mark Church, North Audley Street, London, dau of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Baronet of Kirtlington Park (1715-1779, descended from Edward I) and Elizabeth Spencer (1718-1798, descended from Edward I), and had
8th Earl of Galloway -
see Generation B11
B11) GEORGE STEWART, 8th Earl of Galloway, b. 24 Mar. 1768; d. 27 Mar. 1834 Hampstead, Middlesex, bur. 2 Apr. 1834 Kensal Green Cemetery, London; m. 18 Apr. 1797 St James Church, Westminster, Lady JANE PAGET, b. 1 Sept. 1774 Kensington, London; d. 30 June 1842 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, London, bur. 7 July 1842 Kensal Green Cemetery, dau. of Henry Paget, 1st Earl of Uxbridge (1744-1812, descended from Edward III) and Jane Champagné (1742-1817, descended from Edward III), and had
B12) Lady LOUISA STEWART, b. 18 Mar. 1804 Westminster, London, bap. 20 May 1804 St George Hanover Square; d. 5 Mar. 1889 Rievaulx House, Tonbridge Wells, Kent, bur. 11 Mar. 1889 All Saints Church, Helmsley, Yorkshire; m. 18 Dec. 1823 St George Hanover Square, WILLIAM DUNCOMBE, 2nd Baron Feversham of Duncombe Park, b. 14 Jan. 1798 Westminster, bap. 10 Feb. 1798 St George Hanover Square; d. 11 Feb. 1867 Hyde Park Gate, London, bur. 19 Feb. 1867 All Saints Church, Helmsley, son of Charles Duncombe, 1st Baron Feversham (1764-1841, descended from Edward III) and Lady Charlotte Legge (1774-1848, descended from Edward III), and had
B13) Hon. GERTRUDE DUNCOMBE, b. 4 Apr. 1827 Westminster, London, bap. 12 May 1827 St Marylebone Parish Church; d. 24 Feb. 1916 Frogmore Park, Yateley, Hampshire, bur. 28 Feb. 1916 Holy Trinity Churchyard, Hawley; m. 17 Nov. 1849 St George Hanover Square, (FRANCIS) HORATIO FITZROY of Frogmore Park (see A13 above)

My next blogpost will elaborate on the parents and siblings of Helen (née FitzRoy) Newton.

Cheers,                                   ----Brad

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