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{113} RDUSA: Edward IV Descent for California brothers Harrington Noel Bond (1897-1945) & John Fleetwood Bond (1911-1981)

Harrington A.J. Noel Bond (1897-1945)
[Image from Find a Grave]
One of the things I'm most interested in genealogically is immigration. As an immigrant myself (from the U.S. to Canada), I'm always fascinated by the circumstances which lead an individual (or family) to make a home in a different country. When it comes to the descendants of Edward I, thousands have migrated out from England, to all corners of the globe, beginning with the colonization of the New World in the early 17th-century, and continuing down four hundred years to the present early 21st century. American genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts, of the New England Historical Genealogical Society, has compiled a collection of royal descents for governors of the American colonies, immigrants to the U.S., and notable 20th-century personalities. In the introduction to the latest (2008) edition of his The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States [RD600], Roberts writes (p. xviii), "But many nineteenth- and twentieth-century immigrants [to the U.S.] have left only a few, a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand descendants - not enough for at least one to be almost certainly notable, not enough for living Americans to expect to find any of a small group of such immigrants in their ancestry, and not yet enough to have generated a sizeable body of published genealogy. Yet undoubtedly, because of their sheer quantity, many post-colonial immigrants have royal descents and my selection of them, discussed briefly above and despite much perusal of sources, is very partial." Roberts continues (p. xxvi), "Many more English origins and royal descent discoveries are likely in the near future."

As I trace lines of descent from Edward I, and in the spirit of Roberts' impressive Immigrants series, I will feature posts on Edward I descendants who have emigrated from Britain and Ireland. Hopefully, this will help to begin an accurate counting of immigrants descended from that monarch, which in turn can lead to interesting statistical analysis once a large enough sample is achieved. I will differ from Roberts's efforts in two major ways. First, my immigrant base will be more expansive: those who migrated to the United States will be included, along with those who migrated to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the African continent. The letters RD (for 'royal descent') followed by a territorial abbreviation (RDUSA for immigrants to the U.S., RDCND for those to Canada, RDAUS for those to Australia, RDNZ for those to New Zealand, and RDAFR for those to the African continent) in the title of a post will indicate to which part of the former British Empire the Edward I descendant immigrated. Secondly, my definition of immigrant will be more restrictive than that of Roberts: the Edward I descendant has to have permanently settled in the new country (which eliminates most colonial governors from the immigrant count), or, if the Edward I descendant returned to Britain before the end of his/her life, he/she must have at least one child who remained behind in the new country as a permanent resident. Finally, I will follow the format established by Roberts regarding immigrants with more than one line of descent from Edward I: the line from the most recent monarch will be the one shown, and in the case of an immigrant with multiple lines from the same monarch, the most senior of those lines will be the one presented. Previous posts on Henry Thomas Weld (1816-1893)Agnes Maria (née von Rechberg) Risom (1921-2009) and Baroness Marie (née Howard) von Recum (1868-1954), labelled them as RD600 Additions. Under the new labelling, all three would be RDUSAs.
The Lodge, Banstead, Surrey - it was demolished in 2002
[Image from]

Starting off the new immigrant labelling system are Harrington Noel Bond and his brother John Fleetwood Bond, who immigrated to the U.S. with their parents and three sisters in 1914. Their paternal Bond line can be directly traced back to one John Bond of Harleston, Norfolk, a mercer in the 18th-century. His son Rev. John Bond (1759-1832) attended Cambridge University, was ordained in 1785, and served from 1795 until his death as rector of Freston, Suffolk, a benefice which his elder son, Rev. John Theodore Bond (1812-1841), held after his death. When Rev. John Theodore died aged only 28, he arranged that the rectory of Freston be held in trust until his 13-year-old younger brother Alfred Bond (1827-1912) came of age, took holy orders, and assumed the clerical duties of the parish, which he went on to do in 1853. Rev. Alfred proved a reluctant clergyman: in 1878, the year his first wife died, he filed for bankruptcy, and two years later in 1880 he resigned the rectory of Freston, and gave up his career as a clergyman altogether. He married again, and retired with his second wife to a quiet life at Cold Blow Cottage near the village of Banstead, Surrey. It was in Banstead that Alfred's youngest son J.L. Fleetwood Bond met Blanche Hudson, the younger daughter of Mr. Harrington Hudson, Justice of the Peace and former Yorkshire landowner, who lived at The Lodge, originally a farmhouse but which had been expanded to include stables, outbuildings, cottage and gardens. Blanche had lost her mother tragically when she was only six years old, and moved into The Lodge with her father and elder sister shortly afterwards. Nine months after her father's 1896 death, Blanche wed Fleetwood Bond, and they moved some months later into West Parley House, near Wimborne in Dorset, where all but the eldest of their five children were born. Despite the bankruptcy of his father, there seemed to be enough money for Fleetwood Bond to not have to take up an occupation, and the first decade of the Bonds' married life saw them participating in lawn tennis tournaments across Britain, as both were avid players.
Arcadia, De Soto County, Florida - vintage postcard
The reason behind Fleetwood and Blanche Bond's migration to the United States is not remembered today among the couple's descendants. In April 1912, ten months after the birth of their youngest son John, the Bonds immigrated to Tilbury, Ontario, Canada, followed two years later by a move to Arcadia, the seat of De Soto County in central Florida, where Fleetwood's elder brother Gerald Gordon Bond (1862-1936) owned a large farm. Fleetwood, still living on his own means, is listed with his five children in Arcadia on the same page of the 1920 US Census as his brother Gerald and his family. Not long afterwards, Fleetwood died, and the widowed Blanche Bond travelled back and forth frequently between Britain and the U.S. She settled in Portrush in Northern Ireland, where she died in 1946. Blanche's middle daughter Olive married artist George Nash and returned to the UK, where she died in 1988 at age 86, the last surviving child of immigrants Fleetwood and Blanche Bond. The couple's youngest daughter Myrtle Bond married a man from Nova Scotia, but their eldest daughter Violet married an American and remained in the States, as did their two sons. In 1923, Harrington Bond, who worked on his uncle Gerald's Arcadia farm, married Alta Beebe, an Illinois farmer's daughter. The marriage produced one daughter, but ended in divorce. The daughter Hazel Bond, spent much time as a child visiting relatives in Britain, and eventually settled there, marrying an officer in the Royal Navy.
Blanche (née Hudson) Bond,
with youngest child John c.1913
[Image courtesy of
Nanette Walls]
Harrington met his second wife Willie Lee Latture, a divorcee with a young daughter of her own, through his sister and brother-in-law Violet and Coleman Walls, as Coleman's younger brother Lawton Walls had married Willie Lee's elder sister Bertha. Harrington and Willie Lee moved to Los Angeles shortly after their marriage, where Harrington took a job as a salesman at a shoe store. He died there on his 48th birthday. His younger brother John Bond also moved out West, to the Los Angeles suburb of Whittier, where he also worked as a salesman. He married teacher Virginia Poe, the daughter of a St Louis physician, in 1938, and had two children. Tragically, on a visit to John's sister Myrtle (née Bond) Davis in Canada, Virginia went swimming with Myrtle's teenaged daughter Shirley Davis, and the ladies contracted polio, which proved fatal to both. Though John Bond went on to re-marry and have several other relationships, none of them were lasting, or came close to the happiness he had with Virginia. John died at age 70 in 1981 in the town of Carpenteria on the California coast.

BLANCHE HUDSON, b. 2 Aug. 1872 Scarborough, Yorkshire, bap. 31 Oct. 1872 St Mary Church, Scarborough; d. 22 July 1946 Portrush, co. Antrim, Ireland, yr dau. of Harrington Hudson of The Lodge, Banstead, Surrey (1835-1896, descended from Edward IV - see Generation 13 below) and (Belle) Blanche Clough (1844-1879, descended from Edward III); m. 3 Nov. 1896 St James Church, Westminster, (JOHN LINCOLN) FLEETWOOD BOND of West Parley House, Dorset, and of Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida, b. 15 Dec. 1869 Belgravia, London, bap. 26 Apr. 1874 St Peter Church, Freston, Suffolk; d. by 1922[*1], yst. son of Rev. Alfred Bond, Rector of Freston 1853-80 (1827-1912) and his 1st wife Georgiana Eliza Tharp (1829-1878), and had issue, two sons and three daughters.

Issue of Blanche (Hudson) and J.L. Fleetwood Bond:

1) HARRINGTON (ALFRED JAMES) NOEL BOND of Los Angeles, California, shoe salesman, b. 14 Aug. 1897 Banstead, Surrey; d. 14 Aug. 1945 Los Angeles County General Hospital, bur. Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Los Angeles County; m. 1st 30 May 1923 Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida (div.), as her 1st husband, ALTA MAY BEEBE, b. 28 Nov. 1905 Banner, Fulton County, Illinois; d. 10 Sept. 1980 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, bur. Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Chicago, dau. of Henry Clay Beebe of Banner, farmer (1851-1919) and Clara Roskamp (1863-1937),
Willie Lee (née Latimer) Bond
 and had issue, one daughter; m. 2nd 5 Aug. 1937 White County, Arkansas, WILLIE LEE (LATIMER) LATTURE, b. 19 Dec. 1911 Searcy, White County; d. 28 Feb. 1954 Los Angeles County, bur. Rose Hills Memorial Park, formerly wife of Ralph Oneal Latture of Searcy, farmer (1906-1982), and dau. of Rufus Monroe Latimer of Searcy (1885-1972) and Tide Frances Overstreet (1889-1967).

Issue of Harrington and Alta May (Beebe) Bond:

1A) HAZEL ELIZABETH BOND, b. 14 Nov. 1924 Arcadia, De Soto County, Florida; d. 5 Nov. 2005 Surrey, UK; m. 9 Nov. 1949 Malta, Lt-Cdr. BRIAN STEWART LITTLEDALE of Guildford, Surrey, Lieutenant-Commander Royal Navy 1953, b. 17 Jan. 1926 Malta; d. 21 Apr. 2006 Surrey, yr. son of Bernard John Littledale of Shanghai, China (1891-1929) and Anne Gillies Kennedy (1891-1974), and had issue, two daughters[*2].

2) VIOLET BLANCHE ETHNE BOND, b. 11 Sept. 1898 West Parley House, Dorset, bap. 26 Oct. 1898 All Saints Church, West Parley; d. 24 May 1965 Okanogan County, Washington, bur. Okanogan City Cemetery; m. 10 Apr. 1920 DeSoto County, Florida, COLEMAN RICHARD WALLS Okanogan County Auditor, b. 14 Nov. 1897 Sidon, White County, Arkansas; d. Nov. 1977, bur. Okanogan City Cemetery, son of Willis Jeremiah Walls of Sidon, farmer (1861-1909) and Susan Elizabeth Sutton (1873-1950), and had issue, one son and one daughter.

3) OLIVE MARION BOND, b. 21 Mar. 1902 West Parley House, bap. 29 Apr. 1902 All Saints Church, West Parley; d. 5 Nov. 1988 Tigharra House, Pewsey, Wiltshire; m. GEORGE CECIL NASH, artist, and had issue, one son and one daughter.
John Fleetwood Bond (1911-1981) and Virginia (née Poe)
(1914-1948) [Photo courtesy of Bill Woodard]

4) MYRTLE FRANCES BOND, bap. 28 Nov. 1905 All Saints Church, West Parley; d. unknown; m. J.B. Davis of Armdale, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and had issue, one daughter (Shirley Blanche Davis, b. 1929; d. unm. (of polio) 1948).

5) JOHN FLEETWOOD BOND of Whittier, Los Angeles County, California, salesman, b. 27 June 1911 West Parley House, bap. 8 Aug. 1911 All Saints Church, West Parley; d. 29 Dec. 1981 Santa Barbara County, bur. Goleta Cemetery, Santa Barbara County; m. 1st 5 Dec. 1938 Santa Ana, Orange County, California, (ESTHER) VIRGINIA POE, teacher, b. 27 July 1914 Stoddard County, Missouri; d. (of polio) 20 Oct. 1948 Los Angeles County, bur. Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, dau. of Dr. Chester Arthur Poe of St Louis, physician (1887-1945) and his 1st wife Launa May Bess (1890-1915), and had issue, one son and one daughter (with five grandchildren); m. 2nd 3 Aug. 1957 Clark County, Nevada (divorce), RUTH BRYCE CHARPIA, b. 12 May 1917 Palatka, Putnam County, Florida; d. 19 Oct. 1988 Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, dau. of Victor Eugene Charpia (1890-1923) and Leona Kirchhain (1893-1983).
Fleetwood Bond and his five children in Arcadia in the 1920 U.S. Census
[*1] Fleetwood Bond appeared in Arcadia in the 1920 U.S. Census with his five children, but not his wife. Blanche Bond is described as a widow on the passenger list when she sailed from Southampton on the S.S. Majestic on 18 Oct. 1922.
Blanche Bond a widow in a 1922 passenger list

[*2] In 1951, on the death of her childless paternal great-aunt Evelyn (Hudson) (Powis) Radcliffe, Hazel (Bond) Littledale became the senior representative of Lady Anne (née Townshend) Hudson, and the Hudsons of Bessingby Hall. Since Hazel's death in 2005, her elder daughter Carol Anne (née Littledale) Bowyer (b. 1950) holds that distinction.
Edward IV

As a native of Los Angeles, I'm delighted to be able to trace a line of descent from Edward IV to residents of my hometown. Following is how you get from a king of England to salesmen brothers, in fifteen generations. The first six generations of this descent appear on p. 45 of RD600 (2008 edition).

Edward IV = (probably) Margaret Fitzlewis, Dame Lucy (1440-1466, descended from Edward I), and had a dau:
1) Margaret Plantagenet, illegit. (b. c.1462) m. Sir Thomas Lumley, Heir of Lumley Castle (c.1462-1503, descended from Edward III), and had
2) Richard, 4th Lord Lumley (by 1478-1510) m. Anne Conyers (1469-1530, descended from Edward III), and had
3) Anthony Lumley (d. bef.1587) m. --- Grey, and had
Lumley coat of arms
4) ROGER LUMLEY of Durham, b. c.1550; d. Great North Gate, Durham, bur. 30 Mar. 1606 St Mary-le-Bow Durham; m. 28 Sept. 1578 St Oswald Church, Durham, ANNE KYRKEMAN, d. aft.1616, and had
5) RICHARD, 1st Viscount LUMLEY of Waterford, bap. 7 Apr. 1589 St Mary & St Cuthbert Church, Chester-le-Street; d. by 12 Mar. 1663 (when will was proved), bur. St Dunstan Church, Cheam, Surrey; m. 1st by 1617, FRANCES (SHELLEY) HOLLAND, bap. 21 Nov. 1592 Warminghurst, Sussex; bur. 10 Mar. 1627 St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne, Sussex, widow of William Holland of Steyning (1590-1615), and dau. of Henry Shelley of Warminghurst (1554-1623, descended from Edward I) and his 2nd wife Barbara Cromer (c.1562-1612, descended from Edward I), and had
6) Hon. JULIA LUMLEY, bap. 12 Aug. 1624 St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne; d. 21 May 1691, bur. St Peter Church, Racton, Sussex; m. 2nd 3 Nov. 1666, as his 2nd wife, Sir CHRISTOPHER CONYERS, 2nd Baronet of Horden, bap. 28 Mar. 1621 St Mary Church, Easington; bur. there 12 Oct. 1693, son of Sir John Conyers, 1st Baronet of Horden (c.1587-1664, descended from Edward IV) and Frances Groves (c.1590-1636), and had
Julia (née Conyers) Blackett
- see Generation 7
7) JULIA CONYERS, bap. 19 May 1668 St Mary & St Cuthbert Church, Chester-le-Street; d. 16 Aug. 1722, bur. 21 Aug. 1722 St John Church, Hampstead, Middlesex; m. 1st 27 Jan. 1685 St Nicholas Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, Sir WILLIAM BLACKETT, 1st Baronet of Newcastle-on-Tyne, b. 5 Apr. 1657 Newcastle, bap. 9 Apr. 1657 St Nicholas Church, Newcastle; d. 2 Dec. 1705 London, bur. 29 Dec. 1705 St Nicholas Church, Newcastle, son of Sir William Blackett, 1st Baronet of Newcastle-on-Tyne (1621-1680) and Elizabeth Kirkley (d. 1674), and had
8) JULIA BLACKETT, b. 18 May 1686 Newcastle-on-Tyne, bap. 25 May 1686 St Andrew Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne; d. 13 Sept. 1736 Calverley Hall, Yorkshire, bur. 19 Sept. 1736 St Wilfred Church, Calverley; m. 17 Jan. 1707 St Andrew Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Sir WALTER CALVERLEY, 1st Baronet of Calverley, bap. 16 Jan. 1670 St Wilfred Church, Calverley; d. 15 Oct. 1749, bur. St Wilfred Church, Calverley, son of Walter Calverley of Calverley Hall (1629-1691, descended from Edward III) and Frances Thompson (1639-1721, descended from Edward I), and had
Julia (née Calverley) Trevelyan
- see Generation 9
9) JULIA CALVERLEY, b. 20 May 1714 Calverley Hall, bap. 17 June 1714 All Saints Church, Otley, Yorkshire; d. 28 Dec. 1787; m. 29 Jan. 1733 St Oswald Church, Guiseley, Yorkshire, Sir GEORGE TREVELYAN, 3rd Baronet of Nettlecombe, bap. 18 Nov. 1707 St Mary Church, Nettlecombe, Somersetshire; d. 11 Sept. 1768 Nettlecombe Court, bur. 20 Sept. 1768 St Mary Church, Nettlecombe, son of Sir John Trevelyan, 2nd Baronet of Nettlecombe (1670-1755, descended from Edward III) and Susanna Warren (d. 1718), and had
10) SUSANNA TREVELYAN, b. Leyhill, Payhembury, Devon, bap. 19 Nov. 1736 St Mary Church, Payhembury; bur. 23 Apr. 1780 St Crux Church, York, Yorkshire; m. 5 Feb. 1764 St Crux Church, York, JOHN HUDSON of Bessingby Hall, bap. 28 June 1727 St Mary Church, Bridlington, Yorkshire; d. Oct. 1772, bur. St Magnus Church, Bessingby, son of Benjamin Hudson of Bridlington, merchant (d. 1761) and Elizabeth Wilson (d. 1767, descended from Edward I), and had
11) Capt. HARRINGTON HUDSON of Bessingby Hall, M.P. Helton 1818-26, b. 11 Apr. 1772 Bessingby Hall, bap. 12 Apr. 1772 St Magnus Church, Bessingby; d. there 29 Nov. 1826, bur. there 7 Dec. 1826; m. 26 Oct. 1795 St Mary Church, East Raynham, Norfolk, Lady ANNE TOWNSHEND, b. 1 Feb. 1775 Marylebone, London, bap. 10 Mar. 1775 St Marylebone Parish Church; d. there 2 Apr. 1818, est dau. of George, 1st Marquess Townshend (1724-1807, descended from Edward III) and his 2nd wife Anne Montgomery (1754-1819), and had
Hudson of Bessingby coat of arms
12) HARRINGTON GEORGE FREDERICK HUDSON of Bessingby Hall, b. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, bap. 6 Mar. 1798 St Mary Church, East Raynham; d. 6 Nov. 1848 Bessingby Hall; m. 24 July 1834 All Saints Church, Bishop Burton, Yorkshire, as her 1st husband, CHARLOTTE WATT, bap. 30 Dec. 1814 All Saints Church, Bishop Burton; d. 30 Dec. 1891 Ashton Hall, Ashton-cum-Stoddy, Lancashire, 3rd dau. of Richard Watt of Bishop Burton Hall (1786-1855) and Hannah Burn (1789-1828), and had
13) HARRINGTON HUDSON of The Lodge, Banstead, Surrey, b. 7 Oct. 1835 Bessingby Hall, bap. 13 Oct. 1835 St Magnus Church, Bessingby; d. 9 Feb. 1896 The Lodge, Banstead; m. 11 Jan. 1865 St Michael-le-Belfry, York, (BELLE) BLANCHE CLOUGH, bap. 4 July 1844 St Michael-le-Belfry, York; d. (suicide) 6 Mar. 1879 St Pancras Railway Station, London, dau. of John Clough of Clifton House (1803-1865, descended from Edward III) and Rosina Cumberland (1811-1869, descended from Edward I), and had
14) BLANCHE HUDSON (1872-1946-see details above) m. Fleetwood Bond, and had
15A) HARRINGTON ALFRED JAMES NOEL BOND (1897-1945-see details above)
15B) JOHN FLEETWOOD BOND (1911-1981-see details above)

The next blogpost will focus on a father and son who are talented and successful artists, genuine cowboys, and descendants of Edward IV.

Cheers,                                ----Brad


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