Sunday, March 29, 2015

{12} Bringing the Blog Back to Life

Dukes of Norfolk full heraldic achievement
One of my goals this year was to start back up my Royal Descent Blog. Since last fall, my genealogy research has been focused on entering the Howard Dukes of Norfolk into my database. As I go along, I've been researching the ancestry of the spouses of all of the Howards that are given in the Norfolk article in the 107th Edition (2003) of Burke's Peerage. I've been sharing these lines with the newsgroup SocGenMedieval, but that is not really the proper forum, as most of the research concerns individuals born after the 16th-century.

Originally, I had hoped my Royal Descent Blog would be more biographical in nature, and so I put it aside five years ago to focus on building up my database. I realize now that the biography posts on the Plantagenet monarchs and their families need not be the only type of writing I do on my blog, and that it's perfectly okay to make posts that are purely genealogy-oriented.

So, I'm very excited to continue my series of posts on the ancestry of the Howard spouses, and revive my Royal Descent Blog at the same time. Five years is far too long to let it lay dormant!

Arundel Castle, Sussex, October, 2010
I hope to have the first official post - a descent from James V of Scotland for British Army officer and cricketer Edward Stephen Bruce Williams, uploaded later tonight after work.

Thanks and Cheers,           ----Brad

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